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My name is Adrienne, and first of all, let me say thank you for visiting my website! I specialize in residential and rural real estate with a stewardship-centered approach in the beautiful land of New Mexico.

I believe that all beings human and wild deserve a place to call home, to tend, to belong, and to thrive; a Promised Land. I guide clients on the journey to their own piece of land or property, and how to apply stewardship practices on the land and in their homes.


Some people call such principles "regenerative", "environmental", "green" or "sustainable"; I prefer the term stewardship because to me it simply and authentically expresses the intention of caring for all of the life in a place - people, wildlife, waterways, plants and all. Buzz words will always come and go, but stewardship endures.

In practicing a stewardship centered approach to real estate, I consider the impact of my actions in how the transaction itself is conducted, to ensure exceptional care for all parties involved - buyer, sellers, tenants, etc - of the human and wild variety. Every piece of property is a piece of land, and every transaction is a world unto itself, with myriad possibilities to have a positive and restorative impact on the people, wildlife, ecosystems - the many layers of life in a place.

Yes, I can help you buy or sell a property, or consult with you to answer any questions you may have. I'd love to be a light on your path.

Promised Land Properties is a member and or supporter of the following community organizations.

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